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Guide to Australian Online DVD Rental


. Welcome, we're the only site which has reviewed all the Australian DVD rental sites with in-depth reviews since 2005. If you're new to online DVD rental, check out Rental Basics first, or go straight to the Comparison Table below. Just click on the logos for our independent reviews and a link to start a free trial.

Online DVD rental services; for the convenience of a continuous supply of DVDs direct to your home...
Table Definitions

.Value Rating = Value
Design Rating = Design
Service Rating = Service

.Value Rating: Rates the prices at all disc rental levels and assesses what you actually get for your money.

.Design Rating: Includes website/interface--essentially ease of use. There are some really aggravating sites out there...

.Service Rating: Customer service--including DVD turnaround times--this is the least "scientific" of our ratings, relying on reports we've gathered from across the net.

.Titles: Total number of available DVD film titles, followed by Blu-Ray disc titles. Don't sign up on this criterion alone; a company with just 10,000 films will likely have most everything you'll ever want.

.Shipping Locations: Lists where the company's distribution centers are--will affect mailing time.

.Free Trial: These vary widely; look closely at the details of each site if you're pursuing a free trial, as many have strict cancellation requirements. If you're very cheeky, you can "free trial hop" them all for free for a couple months

.Prices: In Australian dollars per month for standard, unlimited 1 to 5 disc at-a-time subscriptions, unless otherwise specified. See the company reviews for more details, special offers, etc.


Ranking of all 3 Australian DVD Rental Sites

Monthly Price (by number of discs allowed out at one time)

Online DVD Rental Sites


DVDs/ Blu-Ray








Quickflix Review & Link


Value Rating
Design Rating
Service Rating



Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide 1 month

5.99 (2/month)

22.99 (unlimited)

32.95 (unlimited)

Visit Quickflix DVD Rental Site
Read Quickflix DVD Rental Review


WebFlicks Review & Link


Value Rating
Design Rating
Service Rating




14 days

9.95 (4/month) 24.90 (unlimited) 34.90 (10/month) Visit Webflicks DVD Rental Site
Read Webflix DVD Rental Review


Moviebase Review & Link


Value Rating
Design Rating
Service Rating

0 /


Sydney first month half price

19.00 (unlimited)

24.00 (unlimited) 34.00 (unlimited) Visit Moviebase DVD Rental Site
Read Moviebase Rental Review
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