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. January 12: Well, Quickflix remains on top, having survivied BigPond's death throes, and the spike in complaints we had as they assimilated all those new customers seems to have passed. In fact, they start the new year with lower prices than when they began, so no sign of monopolistic behaviour as yet. In fact, rival WebFlicks remains a strong contender, and out of nowhere, a large Blu-Ray only service named Moviebase has just launched. Their site design and prices look good, and we wish them well.

. October 11: OK, so BigPond has closed its doors, and we do believe Quickflix is feeling the strain as new customers flood their way. We'll track how well their system holds in the coming monthes as they are the new market leader. Meanwhile, they've launched version 3.0 of their site, including a new streaming video option.

. July 11: Big news, market leader BigPond is closing down its DVD rental arm and going digital only, effective 30 September! We're surprised, as many customers don't want to go digital, so we expect a major exodus of subscribers to Quickflix in particular and some to Webflicks. We'll track to see how this tyransition goes, as Quickflix has an excellent system (better than BigPond ever was), though some strain can be expected to the system in the short term.

. February 10: We've completed our annual major scrub of the site, going through and checking all the prices, inventory sizes, etc. are correct. Very little changes to report actually. One thing we are dissapointed with is Blu-Ray inventory sizes--none as yet are over 1,000 for any company, which is a poor in our opinion given uptake and new releases are rapidly increasing. As ever, we'll continue to track the market for future changes and opportunities for the consumer.

. October 09: We spoke too soon last month--five have become four with the passing of V2 Direct. Actually, the Brisbane-based company hasn't gone out of busines (they still sell DVDs), but they have ceased their DVD rental arm. So now we're down to four companies, and one of them, DVD DIrect, is pretty poor in our opinion, so it's really a choice between three companies in our opinion. AT least they are all good companies, so there should still be a good deal of competition in the Australian market for some time yet.

. September 09: Nothing new to pass on this month--really looks like the DVD rental market has matured since we launched the site, which is probably a good thing for consumers, just as long as we keep some healthy competition. We don't want what happened in New Zealand last year where all three DVD rental companies merged into a monopoly, to happen here. But that seems very unlikely, as the three way battle on for top quality in Australian DVD rental between Quickflix, Bigpond, and Webflicks (with a couple others in the game) is still going strong. As customers, we should be willing to vote with our feet and send our dollars to the best outfit, further encouraging competition. We hope visitors will post both positive and negative reviews of their experienced here at so others can make the best choice possible.

. August 09: We continue to track the world of Australian DVD rental, but there's nothing new to report.

. July 09: Again, nothing new to pass on this month.

. June 09: We're firmly in peak rental season, but no news to pass on about the DVD rental industry this month.

. May 09: Another quiet month in the industry, but our visitors continue to rise--keep on renting...

. April 09: It's been a quiet month in the world of DVD rental--nothing new to report.

. March 09: Not much new to report this month, though we did redesign our website, widening it from 800 to 1,000 pixels. Our tracking shows that only 3% of visitors have a display with under 1,000 pixels, so we felt it was a good time to upgrade. This allows us to include extras like a sidebar beside our main table with definitions for the fields we use. We can also use some larger fonts and such, and hope the site is more functional and more modern looking as a result.

We've also gone across the sites we review and done a general update on inventory numbers and such, something we do periodically to keep the site as current as possible. Again, if you notice any changes to the DVD rental companies we review which we haven't yet picked up on, feel free to email us and we'll make any needed updates.

. February 09: Quickflix has joined BigPond and removed its unlimited DVDs per monthly tariffs, moving to all capped disc per month plans. Also, market leader BigPond has edged slightly above Quickflix in total number of unique titles in their inventory, 36,000 compared to Quickflix's 35,000.

However, the big news is Quickflix introduced a limited time special offer of a 30 day free trial (up to 7 discs). They haven't had one of these in nearly a year, so if you're just jumping into DVD rental, we suggest it's a good place to start.

This month we've also introduced a blog, to closely track developments in the Australian DVD rental industry. We've also populated the blog with our site updates here going back to 2005, so it will serve as an archive of changes to the industry as well. We hope visitors find it useful.

. January 09: Nothing new to report as yet in the new year, but we'll continue to watch the Australian DVD rental market closely. Feedback on our largest ranking shift in many months, Bigpond to the number two slot, has so far been good.

Happy renting in 2009!

. December 08: In our first major rankings move in some time, we bumped up DVD rental giant Bigpond to the number two slot, as their offerings continue to expand, and we've been getting less negative feedback about them compared to in years past. We still judge Quickflix to be the all around best, but believe it's now a much closer race between the two.

. October 08: We updated some details on V2 Direct (we had incorrectly stated their depot locations, which are in Brisbane and Darwin. We've also been informed by their management that the previous site problems have been resolved and customers were compensated with free rentals.

. August 08: Major update across the site with reviews of prices, addition of Blu-Ray title numbers, and tweaking the actual review text. We also accumulated so many customer comments of the top three companies since starting this site in 2005, that we decided to split the older ones off onto their own page; the company review pages were just too long otherwise. Oh yes, and V2 Direct is back up, so they stay on the tables. We did, however, confirm that DVD Jam has gone out of business, bringing the total Australian DVD rental sites down to 6. We also completed the Games Rental Guide portion of the site, even listing how many titles companies stock for each console.

May 08: The big news is Quickflix unfortunately ended their 30-day free trial special offer. Between this and other signs we're seeing, we believe they've grown just that bit too much, too fast, and are consolidating their gains.

June 08: We were informed the V2 Direct site is down--we'll give it until next month to see if it comes back up, or we'll mark it out of business and remove it from the rankings.

April 08: Nothing new to report on the Australian DVD rental scene as yet.

January 08: Quickflix on 22 December began a special offer, 30 day free trial. This is the best deal from Australia's top-rated DVD rental site, so we'd give it a whirl it if you're not already a subscriber.

November 07: Did a major site check, updated prices, new screenshots, etc. Detailed some new features like the excellent blog at Quickflix, the PopLists at BigPond, etc.

August 07: Updated some site details, Quickflix dropping their two discs unlimited tariff, etc.

January 07: The Australian DVD rental scene has been pretty quiet, but we have found a new company in the rental industry, Movieguys, which has a slick-looking site and also does game rental. Also, our bottom-ranked Post-It DVD Rental went under. In the next few weeks we hope to add new pages here on game rental reviews, New Zealand DVD and game rental reviews, as well as legal Video on Demand reviews. So stay tuned...

March 06: Quickflix and Homescreen merge under the Quickflix name, and continue to be our top choice for DVD rental.

February 06: We're making the first ranking changes in the site history, due largely to customer comments, more to follow...

January 06: No rating changes for this month either, as the rental scene looks pretty static.

December 05: No rating changes for this month either, but we've continued to make refinements to the reviews and the industry commentary; thanks for the email comments; we'll use these to help keep the site up to date.

November 05: No rating changes for this first month, but thanks for the reviews that have come in so far; we'll take them into account for the future monthly DVD site reassessments.

17 October 05: Site launch of; after weeks of meticulous research, we're ready to go public. We hope this service will be of use as the DVD rental-by-post industry continues to expand. We'll keep visitors informed of additions to the site, ranking changes, and others things of note here in the coming months, and hope to update the site and incorporate any changes by the current seven main providers on a monthly basis.

Happy renting!

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